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Business Planning Course
CEO Tool Kit
This program provides easy access to in-house general and specific subject matter experts at low or no cost to the business customer. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, accounting, business management, business development, relationship marketing, branding, customer service, business structuring and strategy. Business customers receive quality time and attention to identify and respond to challenges and opportunities of the business. Progress is tracked by CEO-in-Residence through development and monitoring of an action plan. Sessions are tailored as follows:

One-on-one business coaching or consultation between client and business expert in one or several areas of need or development

  CEO Roundtable
In-house experts, consultants, and pre-qualified volunteer CEOs provide interactive coaching, consultations, and / or presentations to one or several clients on a selected range of business topics identified by staff and client.

   Basic Business Start Up
This is an intensive hands-on 2 day workshop which takes the entrepreneur from idea on the first evening of the workshop to literally in business and ready to begin operations as a business by the next evening. Elements include filing Articles of Incorporation, EIN# and DUNs#, City and county Business Tax Receipts and Web Domain Registration.

   Business Plan Writing
This is an interactive two and one-half day program for existing and start-up businesses. Participants create a well researched draft business plan utilizing an interactive wireless environment

   Presidential Award winning business training curriculum focused on the following Four       Core areas:

   Success Planning
      • Identifying Personal Goals
      • Evaluating Personal Financial
      • Resources
      • 5 Cs – Credit – Character,
      • Commitment, Capability,
      • Contingency

    Market Planning
      • Products/Services
      • Distribution
      • Customers
      • Industry
      • Competition

   Cash Flow Planning
      • Projecting Goals
      • Understanding Cost of Good and Cost of Operations
      • Understanding Cash vs. Profit
      • How Assets and Liabilities   figure into Cash Flow Planning
      • Figuring Owner Draw into Cash  Flow

   Operations Planning
      • Business Structures and       Business
      • Tax Issues
      • Licensing, Zoning, and other     Legal
      • Standards and Requirements
      • Banking and Bookkeeping
      • Policies and Procedures
      • Technology Uses

    Financial Fitness Program (SunTrust) is a minimal but powerful investment of time to learn about clear, practical, and cost- effective actions to generate more cash for your business. This training focuses on practical steps to improve cash flow. Entrepreneurs learn how to:

     Buy Smarter – to better manage your suppliers and inventory

     Control Expenses – to make your working capital work harder

     Forecast Sharper – to track , budget, and predict your cash flow more precisely

     Collect Faster – to accelerate and streamline your collections process

     POWER Tools –
       (Relational Database Management Systems) Learn how to boost your CEO power with these essential presentation, communication, organizational and management tools.

     QuickBooks – on site training and seminars in the most popular and easy to use small business accounting software. Learn to easily enter sales receipts, track expenses, prepare and send invoices, track sales tax and payment, prepare basic financial statements and reports, process purchase orders, and manage inventory.

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